Haven't got the desire to draw ever since the school semester ended. I guess it's because I feel pretty burnt out by school, and all I wanted to do was to avoid anything related to art. But I finally managed to push myself to do a new digital piece. Here's a sneak peak ;D

Remember this? Image


Yep, it looks almost done, but there’s something about it that bothers me and I couldn’t complete the work. I left it untouched for several months because I was busy with my school assignments. I’m finally free again, and I really really want to complete this, as it would be such a waste to scrap this off after spending so much time on it.

So I did some tweaks (it’s still a WIP). I’m not sure if I should keep the tentacles or remove it altogether and create a different theme using the same character.



Just some WIPs. I was stuck with the octopus one for a long time, redoing the tentacles multiple times. I also decided to do a coloured version of the Firestarter sketch.



I’m pretty excited to finish them, and I THINK there’s some improvements in my drawings (thank you, 3 months of unemployment). I guess it’s not a totally bad decision not to work during the school holidays. Instead of working in the office for the whole day & getting too exhausted to do any personal works at all, I have time to relax & draw at home~