Haven't got the desire to draw ever since the school semester ended. I guess it's because I feel pretty burnt out by school, and all I wanted to do was to avoid anything related to art. But I finally managed to push myself to do a new digital piece. Here's a sneak peak ;D

Summer break has been pretty enjoyable so far, I finally have the time to meet up with old friends, baking & cooking, slacking away at home while watching episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. Of course, I know that I should use the time that I have now wisely, such as to improve on my drawing skills. There is still something lacking in my works but I don’t really know what to improve on first. Should I change my style? Improve on anatomy? Stop drawing people altogether and challenge myself with something different instead? And eventually I chose to improve on anatomy. I downloaded some books online, and found some old notes from my foundation drawing lecturer.

I’m starting out with Andrew Loomis’ Figure Drawing book. Still trying to get into the habit of constantly measuring before rendering the anatomy, to create a proportionate figure. I rarely do that because I felt that it’s too time-consuming (plus I was more interested in drawing faces haha).


I’ve also started out with another WIP. Initially this had flowers, but I replaced them with tentacles instead 😛


I started out with the dark background, but now I prefer it with a white background.


Still deciding whether to give her a neutral expression, or a more expressive and comical one.